the speedway jacket from goldfish

improvisation in denim

about liz huller eisemann and goldfish

Liz was raised south of Boston an eastcoaster at heart. yet she feels very much at home in the calm that is Southern California.

Jeans have forever been the foundation of her wardrobe; jeans, a white shirt, a classic blazer with a beautiful scarf and a great pair of shoes. Still her uniform of choice, most of the time Liz can be seen in jeans, a white t-shirt a great pair of sneakers and a white speedway jacket.

The idea for goldfish developed just a few years ago while playing with upholstery trim, some very sticky fabric glue and an old jean jacket.

A graduate of the Syracuse School of Visual and Performing Arts, Liz has led many lives, some creative some not, from wholesale florist to veterinary technician. in time evolving into goldfish design.

She has since traded in the sticky glue for a sewing machine.

Ask her what her dreams are. They are simple. "All I have ever really hoped for is to make something people want to have and to look good in a pair of jeans. If you ask my husband he will say I have achieved both.

"My vote is still out on the pair of jeans."