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From the Indy Star

Designer race jackets: Something for the girls

Race-themed T-shirts and caps have never been in short supply around the track, but until recent years there wasn't a whole lot for the female fan who wanted to look, well, female. Racing gear has been getting gradually more feminine in recent years, though -- witness this jacket from San Francisco-based entrepreneur Elizabeth Huller Eisemann.

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From the San Diego Reader

Huller-Eisemann's Goldfish Brand Jackets

"When I moved here from Boston years ago," says Elizabeth Huller-Eisemann, "I brought ten goldfish with me on the plane. Or rather, they were supposed to be in cargo. They actually missed the flight, and they had to stay in their little bags for 23 hours. They all survived. Most of them lived another five years; one of them is still alive -- he's nine. When I got here, I wanted my license plate to be GLDFSH." Now, Goldfish is her brand, the name she has given to her line of customized jean jackets.

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'Jimmie Johnson Day' in San Diego Declared During Festivities

Jimmie Johnson Day

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From the North County, San Diego, Times

Escondido resident Liz Huller Eisemann said an interest in fashion coupled with a creative nature inspired her to design jean jackets that blend colorful fabrics with unique accessories.

Ladies, start your fashions

Eisemann said the first jacket she made in 2004 received so much positive feedback that she created a business, goldfish, to sell them to the public.

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Speedworld Magazine

as seen in Speedworld Magazine

The Speedway Jacket

Goldfish in California is working hard to be the leader in fashionable speedway swag. The Speedway Jacket features a flattering denim body, rhinestone zippers, licensed patches, Swarovski crystals and checkered ribbon trim. It is the perfect addition to any collection. It is the jacket to have for the pretty new face of racing!