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Ladies start your engines!

Fast cars and cool racing gear aren't just for boys anymore. A new face is taking the lead and it's very pretty.

There is a small apparel company in Southern California working hard to be the leader in fashionable speedway swag! The goldfish jean jacket has made a smart turn onto the racetrack as the speedway jacket, designed and manufactured at goldfish in San Diego.

Nascar jacket


speedway jacket

The flattering denim body is highlighted with lush quilted satin sleeves and rhinestone zippers on the front placket and cuffs. The licensed patches; Swarovski crystal embellishments, embroidered racing flag, and ribbon trim make this racing jacket the perfect addition to any collection.

Ladies, start your engines!

The speedway jacket is easy to wear. Comfortable in any temperature, alone for the summer, spring and fall or layered for cooler weather. outfitting the pretty new face of racing! Licensed by the Indy Racing League®, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway®, and The International Speedway Corporation with NASCAR®.

This is the racing jacket to have!

sample on sale!
sample sale!

The original raceway jean jacket design samples are decorated from an extensive collection of new and vintage patches. My favorite is the original 1940s gold and blue GOODYEAR. It was from this wonderful patch that the idea for the speedway jacket NASCAR® emblem originated.

The non-licensed patches were chosen for their, size, shape and color, and have never been used as a product endorsement.

And now, all design samples are for sale!

improvisation in denim

improvisation in denim — jean jackets embellished with fabulous fabrics, interesting buttons, and much more. goldfish is reinventing the denim classic, replacing the usual studs with something imaginative, selected from an extensive collection of contemporary and vintage buttons, catches and clasps.

The collar, placket and cuffs of a goldfish jacket are adorned with any number of fine fabrics; vintage lace and linen, lush velvet and chenille, exotic brocade, silk, colorful cotton, classic wool plaid, funky boucle, sumptuous ultra suede and playful vinyl, utilizing different textures, colors and weights makes the effect more interesting.

A jacket may be embellished with multiple trims, pins, patches, Swarovski crystals, ribbons and charms. The appeal is that each jacket is a little different and all designs are hand sewn with an uncompromising eye for detail.

speedway racing jackets from goldfish — two thumbs up from Gary Low (President, SPEEDGEAR), Gail Davis (NASCAR® Team Owner) Danica Patrick and other racing insiders!
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