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Champ Car is the official name of the sanctioning body of the racing series that has been promoted as Bridgestone Presents The Champ Car World Series Powered by Ford, or simply as The Champ Car World Series. The Champ Car picture above is used with kind permission of Bridgestone Motorsport.

checkered flag

There is no standard design for the chequered flag. Although it nearly always consists of alternating black and white squares or rectangles arranged in a chequerboard pattern, the number, size, and length-width proportions of the rectangles vary from one flag to another.

The exact origins of the use of a chequered flag to end races are lost in history, although there are many theories. A possible though unlikely theory is that horse races during the early days of the settlement of the American Midwest were followed by large public meals and that to signal that the meals were ready and racing should come to an end, a chequered tablecloth was waved.

Another origin theory claim is that the chequered flag's earliest known use was for 19th century bicycle races in France.

A more likely explanation is that a single-coloured flag would be less conspicuous against the background of a crowd, especially when early races were run on dirt tracks (and therefore dust reduced the driver's visibility).

A 2006 publication "The Origin of the Checker Flag", written by historian Fred Egloff and published by the International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen, traces the flag's origin to one Sidney Waldon, an employee of the Packard Motor Car Company, who in 1906 devised the flag to mark "checking stations" (now called "checkpoints") along the rally-style events of the Glidden Tour.

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The speedway jacket utilizes this great design element, on the front with a checkered flag racing stripe, and on the back of the jacket with an embroidered checkered flag patch accenting the Swarovski crystal embellishments.

checkered flag